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Just a little about me––I have taught elementary school on and off for about twenty years, while raising three children with my husband. Last year I decided to try my hand at writing. I just completed the second draft of my novel Pretty Bird of Prey. Using my past experiences inside and outside of the the classroom (albeit loosely) I wrote about a young mother and her daughter coping with bullies in their neighborhood. 

During my research for the book, I discovered that bullies use a few certain methods almost universally dominate their prey. And I also found out how females sharpen their claws in unique ways to assure their control over their fellow sisters. Most of us have been exposed to some sort of uber-bitch in our lives. She zaps our energy––energy desperately needed for much more worthy ventures. We can let her rule our minds––or we can learn how to squash her influence over us.

I hope through sharing our stories and our ideas that together we can find ways to deal with female bullies––past as well as present ones. I want you to find some sisterly support through this blog. We want the nice girls to finish first!

I wish you a wonderful day,

Shelley Phillips

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